Our Specialized Training Programs: Meeting Your Unique Needs

At Lateralus Group, our training programs are designed specifically to support the goals and values of your organization. Taught by experienced law enforcement professionals, our courses cover essential topics to keep your workplace safe:

Workplace Violence Training (WPV) – Classroom Empower employees with our Workplace Violence Program (WPV), equipping them to recognize, respond, and de-escalate potential threats in the workplace. Topics include:

  • Definition of workplace violence
  • Warning signs and recognition
  • Prevention and de-escalation strategies
  • Physical response techniques
  • Scenario-based participation
  • “Quick start” guide provided upon completion

Active Shooter Response Training – Classroom Learn how to prepare for and respond to an active shooter threat with our hands-on training program. Participants will understand how to:

  • Recognize potential threats
  • Evacuate premises quickly and safely
  • Communicate effectively with law enforcement
  • Demonstrate “Run, Hide, Fight” principles
  • Provide basic medical assistance
  • “Quick start” guide provided upon completion

Cybersecurity Awareness Course – Classroom Protect your digital world with our comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness Course (CAC). Suitable for individuals and businesses, this course covers:

  • Cybersecurity fundamentals
  • Protecting personal information
  • Creating strong passwords
  • Recognizing and avoiding cyber threats
  • Practicing safe online behavior

Specialized Training Exercises (TTX, FTX, FSE) Simulate real-world scenarios with our customized exercises. From tabletop scenarios to full-scale emergency response simulations, we offer realistic exercises based on:

  • Active shooters
  • Bomb threats
  • Barricaded subjects

Customized Approach to Organizational Safety

Each of our programs is meticulously tailored to align with your organization’s policies, identifying key goals, analyzing student needs, and developing customized training methods. Upon completion, students receive reinforcement materials to strengthen their understanding of what was taught.

Trained by NIMS Certified Instructors

Lateralus Group instructors, certified by the National Incident Management System (NIMS), ensure your organization is equipped to coordinate with public safety agencies during critical incidents.


Choose Lateralus Group for targeted, real-world training that aligns with your organization’s specific needs. Our comprehensive programs in workplace violence prevention, active shooter response, cybersecurity awareness, and specialized emergency response exercises are led by experienced professionals committed to safety and preparedness. Contact us today to learn more.