Comprehensive Security Operations Review (SOR)

Assess, Identify, and Strengthen Your Organization’s Security Operations with Our SOR Services.

What is the Security Operations Review (SOR)?

The Security Operations Review (SOR) is a comprehensive evaluation process focused on assessing your organization’s security operations, policies, and procedures. It identifies weaknesses and recommends actionable improvements. Our SOR service ensures that your security measures align with industry standards, are effective, and always up-to-date.

Key Components of the SOR: A Step-by-Step Overview

  • Preparation & Planning: Outline procedures and protocols, preparing your organization to respond to various security incidents and handle potential threats.

  • Physical Security Assessment: Examination of access control systems, perimeter security measures, and surveillance systems, vital for the security of the organization.

  • Personnel Document Review: Evaluation of post orders, shift schedules, and job descriptions to ensure alignment with security needs.

  • Policy & Procedure Alignment: Assessing alignment with industry best practices and regulatory requirements, including security awareness training programs, incident/crisis response plans, and security risk management frameworks.

  • Actionable Recommendations: Based on our expert findings, receive targeted recommendations to implement new policies, enhance training, or modify procedures.

Why Choose Our SOR Services?

The SOR is not just a critical evaluation process; it’s a roadmap for improving your security operations. As an essential part of your overall security strategy, the SOR offers:

  • In-depth Insight: Uncover administrative deficiencies, and seize opportunities to enhance security operations.

  • Comprehensive Protection: Helps in safeguarding the organization and its assets from potential security threats.

  • Integration with Vulnerability and Threat Assessment (VTA): The SOR can be an add-on to the VTA service, providing a deeper look into recommendations for a more robust security strategy.

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