Ensuring Safety and Security in Texas Public Schools

Lateralus Group is a leader in providing comprehensive school safety and security services in Texas. With expert guidance from the Texas Education Agency (TEA), we offer customized solutions to local educational agencies (LEAs) to enhance the security of school facilities.

Our Services

Safety and Security Consultation: Enhance the safety of your school with our professional consultation. Our team evaluates existing procedures, offers valuable recommendations, and helps develop personalized safety plans.

Summer Targeted Partial Safety Audit: Our certified auditors conduct targeted safety audits, assessing campus procedures using the TxSSC School Safety and Security Audit tool, providing actionable insights for improvement.

Exterior Door Safety Audit: Ensure the proper functioning of exterior doors with our expert audits, utilizing the Exterior Door Safety Audit Tracker tool provided by TEA.

Safety and Security Committee Support: Assistance in organizing Safety and Security Committees, ensuring compliance with state requirements, including emergency operations plans (EOPs) and access control procedures.

Training for Campus Staff: Comprehensive training programs for campus staff, including emergency procedures and safety protocols, to ensure preparedness and compliance.

Mandatory Drill Scheduling: Expert assistance in coordinating mandatory drills, such as fire drills and lockdown drills, adhering to state regulations and best practices.

Threat Assessment Team Training: Equip your team with the skills to identify and manage potential threats, following industry best practices and relevant guidelines.

Access Control Procedure Review and Updates: Professional review and updates of access control procedures, emphasizing door security and compliance with state requirements.

Compliance Survey Support: Assistance in responding to TxSSC surveys, ensuring accurate completion and adherence to timelines.

Additional Support and Resources: Ongoing support, including tools and best practice examples, for weekly exterior door sweeps, summer safety actions, and technical aspects of facility standards.

Supporting Safe & Secure Learning Environments

At Lateralus Group, our mission is to support LEAs in Texas in their efforts to create safe and secure environments for staff, students, and visitors. With our specialized services, we aim to foster a culture of safety in public schools across Texas.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner with your organization in enhancing school safety.