Protect Your Family or Business With a Safe Room

Secure Your Home or Business

A safe room, or panic room, can be integrated into your home or business security system security solution. This fortified space provides unbeatable protection from various threats including intruders, home invasions, or active shooters. With reinforced walls and carefully selected amenities, a safe room by Lateralus Group offers extended safety in comfort.

Why Choose Lateralus Group for Your Safe Room?

Our staff brings extensive experience in industrial security to the table, having assembled safe rooms in various challenging environments. When it comes to designing and building a secure space that’s completely tailored to your needs, Lateralus Group is your go-to partner. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Customized Design: We can integrate as many or as few technological amenities as you need.
  • Top-Rated Materials: Expect only the highest quality materials that withstand continuous intrusion attempts.
  • Your Family’s Safety: We know what’s at stake, and we’ll ensure the utmost security for your loved ones.

Let Us Build Your Perfect Safe Room

Whether it’s for your home or business, entrust Lateralus Group with the design, construction, and implementation of your safe room. Contact us today and rest easy knowing that your family’s safety is in the right hands. Your family is worth it, and we’re here to provide the security they deserve.