Individual/Family Threat Mitigation Plan: Protecting Your Home Against Criminal Acts

Are you concerned about the safety of your home and family? Our Individual/Family Threat Mitigation Plan (TMP) offers comprehensive training to teach homeowners how to defend against criminal acts like burglary or home invasion.

Understanding Home Invasions and Criminal Planning

Many home invasions are premeditated, with criminals “casing” the property for days, even weeks. They might seem to have the advantage, but our TMP aims to level the playing field, giving your family the tools and knowledge to fight back.

  • Real-World Tactics: Learn how typical home invasions are planned and executed. Real-world case studies will highlight effective and not-so-effective defensive methods.
  • Family Roles Defined: The TMP will define roles for all family members, with multiple scenarios practiced. Note that children under 18 will not be assigned tactical roles.
  • Firearm Training: If you choose to use a firearm to defend your home, our course covers basic tactical concepts for the best position of advantage. We recommend taking our firearms training program beforehand.

First Aid and Communication with Law Enforcement

Ensuring safety doesn’t stop at defending your home. We’ll also teach you first aid administration and how to communicate effectively with law enforcement upon their arrival.

Why Choose the Threat Mitigation Plan (TMP)?

Whether it’s fate or random chance, unfortunate incidents can happen. A well-executed TMP ensures you have every possible chance to protect your home and loved ones during a critical incident.

  • Targeted for Homeowners: This course is designed specifically for homeowners worried about criminal threats like home invasions.
  • Professional Guidance: Benefit from expert advice and hands-on practice to make your home as secure as possible.
  • Build Confidence: Equip yourself and your family with the skills needed to respond to a threat with confidence.

Contact us today to enroll in the Threat Mitigation Plan and take the first step towards securing your family and home against potential threats.