Stay Safe with Threat Awareness Plan: Protect Yourself from Mass Shootings and Violent Attacks

All too often, incidents of mass shootings and violent attacks on innocent bystanders have become a reality. In the United States alone, there have been  420 mass shootings this year so far, as cited by the Gun Violence Archive. Recent incidents include a tragic shooting at a Dallas outlet mall and another deadly occurrence at a food court in El Paso. These situations resulted in multiple casualties and instilled fear in the public eye.

Introducing the Threat Awareness Plan

The Threat Awareness Plan (TAP) offers specialized training to teach individuals situational and tactical awareness. This program aims to equip students with essential skills to recognize and respond to violent threats effectively.

Key Features of the TAP Training

  1. “Run, Hide, Fight”: The TAP covers the vital “Run, Hide, Fight” approach during a critical incident like an active shooter.
  2. Situational/Tactical Awareness: Learn to understand and analyze your environment, enhancing personal safety.
  3. Firearms Training (Optional): For those carrying a firearm, TAP includes basic tactical concepts for engaging an active shooter. (Note: We suggest to take our Firearms Training Program (FTP) first if you plan to carry a firearm.)
  4. First Aid and Communication Skills: Gain the ability to administer first aid and communicate effectively with law enforcement.

Empowering You to Survive in an Unfair World

Bad things can happen to good people, whether you believe in fate or random intervention. The TAP is designed to provide you every possible chance to survive and potentially save others in a critical incident.

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