Secure Your Organization’s Assets with Lateralus Group’s VTA-C Service

The Vulnerability and Threat Assessment-Commercial (VTA-C) is essential for organizations seeking to identify and mitigate security risks to physical assets like buildings, infrastructure, and personnel. Our unique VTA process involves an exhaustive review of existing security measures against potential threats, backed by decades of law enforcement experience.

Why Choose VTA-C for Your Organization?

As a pivotal foundational document, the VTA-C offers a transparent understanding of risks and outlines actions to counter threats through:

  1. Comprehensive Security Plans: Specific actions and procedures for a security breach or critical incident.
  2. Continuous Updates: Easily adapted as your organization’s needs evolve.

Our Assessment Process

Our assessment team conducts:

  • Site Survey: Evaluate existing physical security measures, such as barriers and surveillance equipment.
  • Security Audit: Examine your organization’s security policies to identify areas for improvement.
  • Comprehensive Threat Assessment: Analyze potential threats, including criminal activity and natural disasters.

Benefits of Lateralus Group’s VTA-C

With our VTA-C service, your organization will receive a document that:

  • Identifies potential risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Provides practical recommendations to mitigate threats.
  • Is “future-proof” as your business evolves.

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